DrawWorks designs, manufactures, certifies, and sells circulating, fill-up, and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars, including casing, tubing, and drill pipe.


Our mission statement: We are on a journey to “Drive to Zero”- zero injuries and zero defects. DrawWorks is a leader in developing tools that make the workplace and rig a safer place to work.


30+ patents in the field of surface and downhole oilfield equipment. World-known for researching and developing. Experienced in solving problems and delivering results.


Owning DrawWorks tools vs. renting tools will create larger profit margins after a quick ROI and lower maintenance costs. Years of service vs. years of servitude.


Building and delivering thousands of AutoFill™ tools worldwide with most still in service. Built to last. Built in the USA.

Our Products

Conventional AutoFill tool
AutoFill™ Casing Fill-up, Flow-back & Circulating Tool
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AutoValve™ Mudsaver Valve for the AutoFill
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CF Valve
CF-Series™ Mudsaver Valve for the AutoFill™
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Double Cup Circulator
Double Cup Circulator
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StaberLess Standard
StabberLess AutoFill™
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4.5 CK Sub-Colored
Kelly & Top Drive Mudsaver Valves
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NOV Painted w Helmet
MudSaver Valve for NOV CRT
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Volant CRT Valve
Shorty AutoValve for Volant CRT
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SJC Standard
SJC/DJc™ Single/Dual Joint Compensator
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Drift Bars 2
Drift Bars
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Inner String Running Tool
Inner String Running Tool
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