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The CF-Series MudSaver Valve

CF-Valve can take flow-back, fill up the casing, and circulate at any time during the running procedures without making any changes for casing size or weight. The CF-Series Valve is a spring-loaded valve with no external parts. The valve opens & closes around 160 psi. A large area flow-back valve is integrated into the valve to facilitate equalizing pressure in the casing or taking flow-back while running open ended casing or casing having a convertible float shoe (open while running / closed with flow or by dropping a ball).

The CF-Series Valve prevents the drilling mud from draining out of the tool onto the rig floor after each joint of casing. As the drilling mud is contained inside the tool, the rig crews no longer have to deal with the drilling mud drenching them and the floor area after each joint of casing. This allows a much cleaner and safer area for them to perform their duties. Much less effort is required to keep the drill floor clean as there is less mud to be vacuumed up.

The CF-Valve also retains the static head of the mud and prevents mud from dripping onto the rig floor as the tool is being raised into the derrick.

Additional Advantages


Valve sizes

Maximum AutoValve™ operating temperature: 200ºF