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Casing Running Tool (DWCRT)

Casing Running Tool

Volant CRT


“The DWCRT is the most efficient casing running tool I have had the privilege of running, my drillers caught on after a few joints and exceeded the expected run time with ZERO difficulties.”
Nasiru A.
Tool Pusher Trident 8
Shelf Drilling Nigeria

“This was the first time that we were able to rig up and utilize the DW Casing Running Tool here on Trident 8. The rigging up process went flawless (due to the extended amount of preparing the crews with material on the new tool before it was time to rig up) Shawn was a tremendous amount of resource on the tool, he was more than willing to help out and ensure that the job went good. We had been running the Tesco CDS and the CRTI here in our operations and had not had a lot of success with either of these tools. The actual use of the DWCRT was a lot more robust and the drillers caught on to the running procedure rather quickly. The tool performed without any flaws and myself as well as everyone else are pleased to continue using the DWCRT in future casing runs. DrawWorks was willing to set down and help with ways of trying to improve on efficiency moving forward. I, personally am looking forward to the success of this tool and the improved efficiency that it will bring to our operations.”
Kyle Ard Drill
Site Manager Trident 8
Drilling and Completions, Chevron Nigeria Limited

“I really like the DW Casing Running Tool. It is easier to engage and disengage than other mechanical tools.”
Michael Perimon,
Driller H&P 652