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Mud Tool

DrawWorks LP provides mud tools and an entire family of flow-back and fill-up tools for oilfield tubulars, including drill pipe, tubing, and casing. All our products are designed to save time and reduce risk. We strive to simplify two primary drilling processes: handling fluids and running tubulars. DrawWorks is the place to go for every kind of quality mud tool.

MudSaver Valve

One of our many products is the MudSaver valve. At any time during running procedures, the CF-Series valve can fill-up the casing, take flow-back, and circulate without the need to make changes for casing weight or size. This premium mud tool is a spring-loaded valve and has no external parts. To facilitate taking flow-back while running casing having a convertible float shoe or open-ended casing or to facilitate equalizing pressure in the casing, a large area flow-back valve has been integrated into this mud tool.

There are other beneficial features of the CF-Series MudSaver valve. The valve prevents drilling mud from draining out of the tool after each joint of casing. This prevents the rig floor from becoming inundated with drilling mud. In addition, rig crews do not have to be drenched with drilling mud themselves. This is a valuable feature that creates a safer and cleaner environment for crews to perform their work. There is significantly less mud that needs to be vacuumed up, since the drill floor stays much cleaner throughout the process.

Benefits and Features

Our CF-Series MudSaver valve provides numerous benefits and features, including the following:

Our clients who have used the CF-valve appreciate that the valve retains the static head of the mud and prevents mud from flowing onto the rig floor when the tool is being raised into the derrick.

Kelly MudSaver Valve

We also offer our Kelly MudSaver valve, which has helpful features such as a large opening through ID for providing wireline access as well as a check valve which allows for lower surge pressure while running in hole.”

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