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MudSaver Valves


Shorty AutoValve™ Mudsaver Valve for Volant CRT & Tesco Casing Tool


Eliminates back pressure and leaking


             The Shorty AutoValve is a ball valve and therefore fully opened when in the open position and fully closed when in the closed position. There are no restrictions in the valve that will cause erosion due to high flow rates. There is no need to remove the valve to circulate at high rates for extended periods of time and being full opening there is no need to change the valve out when taking returns from the casing or liner while running. The unique ball valve design ensures positive valve operation and provides high flow rate capability. The AutoValve automatically opens when inserted in the casing, and will normally close when removed.

              All spring-operated valves are subject to erosion. These valves will begin to leak if used to fill and circulate and in some cases the operator will remove the valve when circulating. They are also subject to being held partially opened when used with mud having loss circulation material. The ball type AutoValve is not subject to these same problems since it is a positive open and closed valve.

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Additional Advantages


Valve sizes


Maximum AutoValve operating temperature: 200ºF